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The series Retroperspective arose from the longing for serenity, inner peace and the idea of letting go. Birth and death are perhaps the only real moments in life where this absolute serenity is present. During those times, maybe only for a split second, it is all about you, outside influences such as religion, political beliefs, or origin are of no meaning. It’s that brief moment of time wich intrigues me, I want to capture, frame and stage it. I find it reassuring that there will be a moment in life that you will reach that state of mind.

For the series Retroperspective I portrayed over 80 people in a serene as possible setting, the babypowder gave the extra push for the right emotion, an association with the casual infancy. Once the area was peaceful enough, it was like modeling sculptures, the models became anonymous and I could search for the state of enlightenment. After eighteen months surrounding myself with these portraits, I’ve put them on wood in collage form, a retropersepective to

the project as a whole and the individual portraits on it’s own, in which they each came back to life and surrounded me with that same serenity.

Although Retroperspective could be associated with death, It is more an expression of life for me, at the end of which we reach a state of mind I long for; a form of omniscience and inner peace.

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Manou, Marcella, Margriet, Marie, Marya, Mathilde, Maud, Merel, Meryem, micaella, Miki, Mila, Milou, Miranda, Misja, Miya, Monique, Moon, Morticia, Mulan, Murdoch, Myrdin