All about Henry

All about Henry


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Mini art.
Dimensions 7 x 7 cm.
A unique handmade collage, signed on the back, delivered with certificate and finished with paverpoll, easel included.

This small artwork is the perfect gift for art and design lovers.


Since 2015, Van Peppen has been working with one of her favorite models: Henry. His dedication, empathy and versatility provides an ongoing inspiration in search of new angles in processing emotions.


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black, light brown, dark brown


Manou, Marcella, Margriet, Marie, Marya, Mathilde, Maud, Merel, Meryem, micaella, Miki, Mila, Milou, Miranda, Misja, Miya, Monique, Moon, Morticia, Mulan, Murdoch, Myrdin