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Beweeg me Politiek (Move me Politics)

About Beweeg me Politiek (Move me Politics)

With the Move Me project, I want to record the history of what moves people. A personal object is the guide for the conversation and the portrait that follows. Municipal elections also took place within that history. I thought it would be interesting to record this part too. As an artist, I look at developments in society. I see that the possibility of voting, in particular locally, is being used too poorly and there has been a hardening between the so-called “normal” people and politicians. With “Move me Politics” I have tried to make the image of the politicians more personal, by asking them what motivates them to commit themselves to local politics. Although it was sometimes a challenge, I especially learned a lot and enjoyed these conversations. The experienced politician was wary, which forced me to dig a little deeper, while the young people sometimes did not yet know what moved them. Gradually I saw similarities in where the motives came from; from a political nest, community life, faith, hope and love, people from the administration and business, people-people, from creativity, history, from a sense of responsibility or togetherness, from education and innovation and people who already at a young age have had to struggle to keep their maintain their lives, have never forgotten that and now use it for the benefit of society. In short, all people, like you and me, are shaped and driven by life. This project has taught me that everyone has the best intentions, the similarities are greater than the differences and everyone has his or her qualities.