The Hero in You

Impact art project with Ukrainian refugees and Dutch volunteers The Hero in You is an impact art project, set up as an event that includes a documentary with stories of Ukrainian refugees and Dutch volunteers who lend them a helping hand, a photo exhibition and a mirror installation. Stories are shown that inspire, move, confront, […]

Cut the crap, back to basic

Impact art project commissioned by DocFeed The smartphone is indispensable in our society, in the beginning it was an easy, perhaps social gadget, at this time more and more people tend to have a love-hate relationship with it. The handy device occupies more and more of our our time and privacy. It is difficult to find […]

International War on Duckfaces

International War on Duckfaces is een reactie op de manier waarop we onszelf profileren op sociale media. Tonen we onszelf, of een beeld waarvan we denken dat de ander het zal zien? Kunnen we niet zijn wie we zijn? Wat is er mis met imperfectie? International War on Duckfaces is een reactie op de manier waarop […]


Impact art project commissioned by Breda Photo 2018 “Infinity and Beyond”. Striving for a more and more perfect body and appearance is within reach for more and more people . Cosmetic procedures will be more affordable and more generally accepted, perhaps even glorified. Het streven naar een meer en meer perfect lichaam en uiterlijk ligt voor […]

Beweeg me (2015-2020)

A time capsule with what one moves is documented in this project.  From 18 December 2015, van Peppen served as “artist in residence” for six months in the Markiezenhof museum in Bergen op Zoom. She received carte blance from the museum to brainstorm and work. This was the start of the Impact Art Project Beweeg me (Move me). […]