2017 Modern art has the image of being fast and hip, yet we, as modern artists, cannot exist without the past and its art. It is our heritage, our identity, thebase of our “looking further and beyond”.For that reason vanPeppen studied the old Dutch masters, especially Vermeer. Vermeer seemed more interested in the“Ordinary” person (the milkmaid) opposite the rich and […]


2017 The series Retroperspective arose from the longing for serenity, inner peace and the idea of letting go. Birth and death are perhaps the only real moments in life where this absolute serenity is present. During those times, maybe only for a split second, it is all about you, outside influences such as religion, political […]


2016  ‘Lend me your wings And teach me how to fly’ For the Birds series (6 works) I have been guided this time by “Birds” by Emiliana Torrini. Voor de serie Birds (6 werken) heb ik me ditmaal laten leiden door ‘Birds’ van Emiliana Torrini.

Move me

2015 Thanks to social media and selfies, people are more aware of their appearance and how they want to show themselves to the outside world. They have thus developed a “photoface”, an attitude that is usually tense and fake. To make the models relax I let them make movements. That way I finally got to […]


1996 Controlled Polaroid Art (1994-1998) Unique polaroid artwork, collage made from original polaroid photos.