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Impact art artist in search for the beauty of the imperfect human.

Annemarieke van Peppen (Rotterdam 1971) studied fashion at the Academy of Arts and Industry (AKI) in Enschede. She traveled through Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia, had exhibitions with controlled polaroid art and combined her artistic existence for years with other jobs, a private company for web design and care for her foster children. Since renting a new studio in 2014, her work is flourishing again and exhibitions at home and abroad followed. The impact art projects of van Peppen are characterized by questioning and researching current social developments under the influence of social media. Both in her impact art and in her free work you can see the desire for repetition and the search for the beauty of imperfect human beings.


2019 – Cut the crap, back to basic!

How consciously do we experience this and how did the pre-smart-phone era feel again?
Expo & Installation. (@Docfeed 2018)

Hoe bewust ervaren we dit en hoe voelde het pre-smart-phone-tijdperk ook alweer?
Expo & Installatie.  (@Docfeed 2018)

2018 – Uncustomized

Striving for a more and more perfect body and appearance is within reach for more and more people . Cosmetic procedures will be more affordable and more generally accepted,
perhaps even glorified.

Expo & Installation (@BredaPhoto 2018, @Docfeed 2018, @Cutluurnacht
Breda 2018)

Het streven naar een meer en meer perfect lichaam en uiterlijk ligt voor steeds meer mensen binnen handbereik. Cosmetische ingrepen worden niet alleen meer betaalbaar, maar ook meer algemeen geaccepteerd, wellicht zelfs verheerlijkt.

Expo & Installatie (@BredaPhoto 2018, @Docfeed 2018, @Cutluurnacht Breda 2018)

2018 – Toekenning Tamoil Cultuurprijs voor Kunsten en Letteren​

The Sakko Prize for Arts and Literature 2018 has been awarded to Annemarieke van Peppen, impact art artist in Bergen op Zoom, for her versatile installations and highly artistic projects both in Bergen op Zoom and far beyond.

De Sakko-prijs voor Kunsten en Letteren 2018 is toegekend aan Annemarieke van Peppen , impact art kunstenaar te Bergen op Zoom, vanwege haar veelzijdige installaties en uitermate artistieke projecten zowel in Bergen op Zoom als ver daarbuiten. 

2018 – Cafe Atelier

A social, creative cafe, designed to encourage the community to make its own living environment more beautiful.

Een sociaal, creatief cafe, ontwikkeld om de gemeenschap aan te sporen de eigen leefomgeving mooier te maken. 

2018 – Vastenavend Expo

Expo (@Markiezenhof)

2018 – The Wasted Walk

Live impact art project on schools for awareness of alcohol use in cooperation with GGD West Brabant.

Live impact art project op scholen t.b.v. bewustzijn alcoholgebruik i.o.v. GGD West Brabant.

2018 – Beweeg me Politiek

Impact art project, expo and book.

2017 – Birds


2017 – Beweeg me binnenstad

Impact art Project & outdoor expo

2017 – Microscope me

Impact art Project & expo (@Docfeed 2017)

2017 – Legacy


2016 – International War on Duckfaces

Live Impact Art Project & Expo (@Docfeed 2016, @Foodstoet, @Mistyfields)

2016 – Proefmei

Impact Art Project & Installation (scholenproject) (@Markiezenhof)

2016 – heden – Beweeg me

Impact Art Project & Installatie 

2016 – Move me

Expo & Installatie (@Markiezenhof, @Docfeed 2016, @Museum Maritim Barcelona 2017)

2015 – Retroperspective

Expo & Installatie (@Docfeed 2017, @Museum Maritim Barcelona 2017)