Modern art has the image of being fast and hip, yet we, as modern artists, cannot exist without the past and its art. It is our heritage, our identity, the
base of our “looking further and beyond”.
For that reason vanPeppen studied the old Dutch masters, especially Vermeer. Vermeer seemed more interested in the
“Ordinary” person (the milkmaid) opposite the rich and famous who he had to portray out of financial survival instinct.
In the series Legacy people are captured,
who do not see themselves as important or as a professional model.  Looking for the glamorous Vermeer’s light and attention of the craft incorporated into an unique collage technique.
Give the, at first glance, inconspicuous person the right lighting, attention and care and their true strength and nobility emerges.
With this fact, we all have our own splendor and strength and at the same time the stigma of status can be questioned.

All works are collages (wood on paper) 70×110 cm